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Some thoughts on Lilly’s start

  • Ted Lilly gave up four homers tonight. If he does that every start, he’ll give up 140 in the year. That would be some kind of record. I feel confident in saying he won’t quite stick on this pace.
  • The four home runs all came on pitches Pitch f/x identifies as different pitches. Keppinger hit a fastball out, Berkman a slider, Rodriguez a changeup, and Matsui a cutter. In reality the cutter and the slider are the same pitch (I trust that Harry knows what he’s talking about). So every pitch Lilly throws except his curveball left the yard at some point. 
  • And like last season, he seems to be avoiding his curveball early on. He only threw three tonight, and it didn’t seem like he had much of a feel for the pitch – two were put in play (one was a Carlos Lee double, the other was a groundout) and one was a ball. He can be effective without the curve, but hopefully he’ll get his feel for it again before too long, because he seems to be better when the curveball is on.

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