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The Second Base Competition

During tonight’s broadcast, Lou said that Mike Fontenot and Aaron Miles were competing for a job at second base. Hopefully he means “competing” in some way that means something other than “competing.” Because Miles is just not a good player. Here’s a picture that I hope gets the point across:

Wins Above Replacement Values for Mike Fontenot and Aaron Miles

Wins Above Replacement Values for Mike Fontenot and Aaron Miles

Last year is the only year in which Miles was good; he was worth 1.8 wins above replacement in 408 PAs. Average would be 1.3 wins in that many appearances. So Aaron Miles, in a career year, is worth maybe half a win more than average. And that’s the only year where he wasn’t terrible!

Meanwhile, Fontenot was worth more last year, in fewer plate appearances. Some of that might be because he was facing mostly right-handed pitching, but he’s usually going to have the platoon split anyway. And most of it’s that he’s a better player. Combine that with the fact that he’s 3.5 years younger than Miles, and Miles should be backing him up, not competing with him for a job.

Hopefully Lou is just saying there’s a competition to push Fontenot, because even if he starts slow, Fontenot is more likely to produce for this team over the course of the season.


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