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I come not to praise Jake Fox

Derrek Lee had an MRI today because he’s still unable to play – apparently even to pinch hit. He may have to go on the DL, although the Trib was quick to note that his DL stint could be backdated if it happens.

So if the Cubs put him on the DL, presumably they would call up Jake Fox. He’s got a preoposterous 1.348 OPS so far, which Baseball Prospectus tells me translates to a mere 1.191 in the majors. If BP’s translations are right, Jake Fox has been the fourth-best hitter in baseball so far this season, behind Manny, Kevin Youkilis, and Carlos Beltran. There may be some concern that he can’t hit a fastball or field his position, but if he were really in league with those guys, talent wise, the Cubs should just DL Lee right now.

Except the Trib also had this sunny piece of news:

Triple-A Iowa first baseman Jake Fox was injured this weekend when he was hit by the shards of a broken bat. He’s expected to miss a couple of days.

That’s right. The Cubs may have to put their regular first baseman on the DL. They have Hoffpauir, who is doing nicely but isn’t good against lefties and, anyway, needs a backup in case he needs a rest or something. They have a guy who’s killing the ball at AAA… And that guy gets hit by a broken bat and he’s hurt too.

The guy with the next most games at first in Iowa, Doug Deeds, is hitting .267/.323/.350, which does not translate to anywhere near “the fourth best player in baseball.”


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