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This is pretty ridiculous

Absolutely inexcusable from SI:


I can understand how a writer or artist at SI could be unfamiliar with the Michigan State basketball program. It’s only been in the Final Four 45% of the time in the last eleven years. I mean, that’s not even half! And I’m pretty sure they play in a conference that’s slightly worse than most of the mid-majors, no matter what their conference RPI was.

Nobody expected them to beat USC, led by coaching genius Tim Floyd. Or¬†Kansas, a team they had destroyed when they played ten weeks ago. Digger Phelps, who has forgotten more about basketball than Digger Phelps ever knew, has been picking them to lose probably since the first round. While they were a number two seed, and very likely would have been a number one had they won their conference tournament, it was pretty¬†improbable that they’d make a Final Four.

So it’s totally understandable how you could completely blow the last name of one of the star players on the team, and the Big Ten player of the year. After all, for some reason the narrative the media decided on this year was that it would be crazy for the 8th-ranked team in the country to make the Final Four. Odds are you never figured you’d need to go check the spelling of the MSU players’ names, and weren’t even aware that colleges located west of the Appalachians had web sites for their basketball teams that listed their rosters.

But to the artist who made that mistake and the editor who didn’t catch it, this is one of the regional covers to your own magazine from last week. Happy to help:


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This weekend is about basketball

There’ll be plenty of time to talk about baseball, but we’ve got the NCAA tourney going on, so I leave you with this:

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