Just an idea

Marmol and Gregg have each pitched two games in a row. That could be a problem, given that Randy Wells is unlikely to go much more than five innings. Why not just accept before the game that no matter what happens, Wells will stay in for five, Guzman will pitch the sixth and the seventh, and, I don’t know, Cotts will pitch the eighth and, if necessary, ninth? There’s potential for disaster there, but you would keep the better pitches in the pen (Heilman, Marmol and Gregg) fresh, and I don’t know if you significantly hurt your odds of winning. You can always use one of those three to close, too, if the Cubs are up at the end.



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3 responses to “Just an idea

  1. I’ve been meaning to write something on bullpen usage for several weeks now, but I fully support using the better guys in the bullpen more often than they are already being used. I’d like to see Marmol and Gregg get more than 1 inning gigs. There’s no reason that those two can’t pitch the 7th, 8th and 9th inning a few times per week. Despite what people say, it’s very difficult to overwork a reliever. Almost all of them are underworked.

    If I were running this team I’d set it up in a way that Gregg and Marmol each got about 90 innings. I’d give Heilman 90 to 100 innings. Then I’d start filling in with the rest of the pen as needed.

    • Bob

      I will say this – it seems like Marmol has had more problems when he’s had a few days off then he has when he’s been playing close to every day.

  2. Could be, Bob. I really have no idea what the problems come from and considering the sample we’ll probably only be able to form a guess. I’d just like to see these guys used more. There is no risk of injury in using your relievers up to 100 innings per season, or even a few more than that.

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