Cardinals Series Preview

Up next: four games against the Cardinals. Would be nice to see the Cubs take the series. Would also be nice to see Aramis and Milton Bradley healthy for the series, since neither of them played at all against the Rockies.

Here are the current Cubs versus the Cardinals’ starters who are going in this series. The graph only shows those Cubs with 10 PAs against the Cardinals’ starters. The “total” line includes all plate appearances by current Cubs against the Cardinals’ pitchers.


The Cubs have done very well against Wainwright and especially Lohse, with Ramirez in particular putting up cartoonish numbers against Lohse. Lee has had the worst success of any of these hitters against any of these pitchers, with a .334 OPS versus Wellemeyer, but he seems to be getting hot in the last few days, so maybe he can turn that around.

On to the Cubs’ starters versus the Cardinals.


The most noticeable thing to me is how the Cubs starters have fared against Pujols. Pujols has a career 1.050 OPS.  In other words, even Dempster, against whom he’s OPSing .788, has handled him fairly well. Meanwhile, Yadier Molina has done better than his career average against every Cub except Marshall, so he’s picked up some of the slack.

No matchup graph for this one to compare starter ERAs versus the other team – with Carpenter on the DL I’m not sure exactly how the Cardinals are managing their rotation, so I don’t know who’s starting which days.


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