Where things stand

Just a quick look at the numbers for the Cubs, and how they stacked up, as of the end of Monday.


  • OPS+: 108 (3rd NL, 8th MLB)
  • OBP: .374 (1st NL, 4th MLB)
  • HR: 11 (2nd NL, T-5th MLB)
  • BB: 38 (2nd NL, 2nd MLB)
  • R/G: 5.43 (5th NL, 11th MLB)
  • Offensive MVP (by WPA): Alfonso Soriano, .90 (1st NL, 1st MLB)


  • ERA+: 141 (5th NL, 9th MLB)
  • K/9: 9.3 (1st NL, 2nd MLB)
  • SO/BB: 2.10 (4th NL, 7th MLB)
  • R/G: 3.57 (5th NL, 7th MLB)
  • Pitching MVP (by WPA): Carlos Marmol, .55 (3rd NL, 6th MLB)

The Cubs have scored 38 runs and allowed 25 runs. Their overall record is 5-2, and their pythagorean record is also 5-2.

Based on these numbers, the generic BP playoff odds report projects the Cubs to 82.3 wins, third in the NL central, with a 26.4% playoff chance. The PECOTA-adjusted odds project the Cubs to 97.2 wins, first in the NL central (and in the NL), with a 69.2% playoff chance. The ELO-adjusted report is not yet available.

All in all, hard to complain about those numbers after a week in which the bullpen has seemed shaky, Bradley and Lee haven’t hit and Soto, Bradley and Ramirez have all missed time.


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