Zambrano’s Opening Day Win

Carlos Zambrano finally conquered opening day, coming up with his first win in a nice 6-inning, 1-earned-run performance. It seemed to me watching that he settled in a little as the game went on, both finding his command and finding a little more velocity on his fastballs. This is what Pitch f/x showed. I didn’t bother even attempting to clean up the pitch-type data, but it’s close enough;


Carlos definitely put on a little velocity after the first inning, and he found his command at the same time. His control and his velocity peaked at different times, velocity tailing off even as strike percentage held relatively steady in that last inning. Maybe he was tired and just couldn’t get the ball out there as fast, or maybe he was starting to feel gassed and was taking a little off just to get it over the plate. Either way, Lou made a good decision taking him out when he did, but all in all, it was an encouraging first start from Carlos.



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2 responses to “Zambrano’s Opening Day Win

  1. Gobias

    Does the strike % include swinging strikes out of the zone, or is it all in zone pitches? If there is a generally accepted definition for strike %, sorry I’m just a little curious.

    • Bob

      I’m not sure there’s a generally-accepted definition, but I was including any pitch that was swung at as a strike.

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