Milton Bradley Facts

Bradley doesn’t have a hit yet. He’s 0/9 as a Cub. And yet, somehow, he was productive in this series. Tonight especially, where he reached base four times without a hit. In fact, even though he doesn’t have a hit, Bradley’s OBP is .357 (4 walks and one HBP in 14 PA). That would have been eighth among Cubs regulars last year. Which doesn’t sound impressive except he’s done that without a single hit.

What’s more, Bradley has seen a ton of pitches. In fact, by my count, in 14 plate appearances, he’s seen 77 pitches. I’m not sure, when keeping pitch/PA stats, if you count partial at-bats (Bradley was on base when Theriot ended an inning getting thrown out stealing). But regardless, he’s seen 17% of the pitches opposing teams have thrown, in only 11.7% of the team’s plate appearances.


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