Some Sunday idiocy

First, from Phil Rogers’ MLB whispers:

The Brewers remain thrilled with third baseman Casey McGehee, whom they claimed on waivers from the Cubs last year. He would have been a better fit for Lou Piniella’s bench than Joey Gathright, whose at-bats will be gobbled up by Kosuke Fukudome.

McGehee is a third baseman who’s never played a game in his life in the outfield. Gathright is an outfielder. I guess the Cubs have more outfielders than they need and don’t have great options to back up third base, but McGehee and Gathright don’t have a lot to do with each other. 

Also, McGehee is bad at baseball.

Then there’s the Carlos Zambrano wants a new ballpark hullabaloo.

“You come into a ballpark like this and you see great things,” Zambrano told the Associated Press on Saturday. “You wish that Chicago’d build a new stadium for the Cubs.”

I wish I had a nicer office, too. It’s not going to happen, but that doesn’t stop me from saying it. But of course, people are taking this like it’s fighting words. Here are a couple of people in the ESPN comments on the subject:

wow, what a moron. your burrito, email loving #### should shut up, Big Z. 
you are a small peice of of history that Wrigley has held. .00001 percent of tradition. Your not even the best pitcher to throw there. Cus do need to trade him and get some value for him right now. this pushed me over the edge.


Maybe “Big Z” should go somewhere else to play if all he is worried about is playing in a new stadium… 3.3 MILLION fans decided for themselves last season that Wrigley Field is good enough for them… and I am sure the same amount or more will do the same this year…
GO PLAY FOR THE YANKEES, BIG Z… the Cubs don’t need a selfish brat like you…


I forgot to add that I’m happy I didn’t draft this fat burrito eating ignoramus on my fantasy team.


Here’s one for you: A Philadelphia Eagles employee was FIRED for commenting on his Facebook that the Eagles were ‘re Tar ded’ for trading CB Brian Dawkins. The Eagles felt the employee shouldn’t be publicly derogatory to his team.

Wait a sec… isn’t Zambrano publicly telling his employers that they don’t know how to run their team? Maybe Zambrano needs to be put out on his keister, like the Philly guy.

Aww that’s right… ‘freedom of speech’ is only for the rich and famous.

I think that last might be my favorite of all. There’s racism in some of the others, sure, but it’s pretty ordinary. The last one takes a special kind of dumb. Saying, “it would be nice if we built a new ballpark” is totally the same as ranting at your employer. And obviously the Cubs should fire their second-best pitcher because he’d like a new ballpark.



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2 responses to “Some Sunday idiocy

  1. I love the insanity surrounding Zambrano’s comments. It really shows us how ignorant people (in this case, Cubs fans) are.

    How did you get through those comments with your sanity intact?

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