Why the Bears needed Cutler

In light of the Jay Cutler trade I thought I didn’t want a post called “be careful what you wish for” at the top of the site anymore. Nothing can possibly go wrong!

As to why the Bears needed Cutler, just check out this graph, with the passer rating of the Bears’ leading QB every year going back to 1990. Jay Cutler’s career average after two and a half seasons in the league is better than all but the single best passing season in that period. In fact, you can go all the way back to the the invention of the west-coast offense, when the passing game really opened up, and the Bears have only put up two better seasons than Cutler’s average.


Maybe it’ll turn out this trade wasn’t wise. Maybe they’d have been better off with the picks, or with Orton, but right now, I’m just glad the Bears have a quarterback.


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  1. Ace

    Wow. Those dips in 2003 and 2005 are absolutely terrifying. Nice chart.

    Like what you’re doing here, btw. We’ve added you to our Cublogoverse blogroll at Bleacher Nation. Keep up the good work.

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