Cutler Trade Link Roundup

Wrigleyville23 links here and then I reward everyone by talking about the Bears. I obviously don’t want any repeat visitors. But here are a few stories for those who can’t get enough of the idea that the Chicago Bears have acquired a legitimate quarterback:

  • Steve Rosenbloom is shocked but impressed that Jerry Angelo got the Cutler deal done. This may be the only time I’m ever in total agreement with him.
  • Don Banks takes on the Cutler trade. He’s got a variety of quick-hit thoughts on it, including the possibility that now the Bears are going to sign Grossman to back up Cutler. I have some doubts about that one.
  • Mark Schlereth was on ESPN earlier talking about how Cutler is not a leader, and said Brian Urlacher sounded less than thrilled to have him on board. Ryan Wilson offers a different take.
  • Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. says that the Bears are the team to beat in the NFC North now. I hate to contradict experts, so I won’t.
  • Everyone knows that the best thing about football is fantasy football, so here’s some fantasy analysis. The short version: now you can’t take any offensive players from the Bears or the Broncos!
  • Pasquarelli notes that whoever won or lost the trade, a quarterback of Cutler’s caliber being traded at his age is basically unprecedented.
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