Bradley’s flu

Milton Bradley was out of the lineup again today, presumably with the flu. Some commenters over at Bleed Cubbie Blue have questioned whether Bradley is actually sick. This one stood out to me, though. Poster “Chanman25” asks, “Who gets the flu in Arizona,” after lamenting that Adam Dunn is performing well in the World Baseball Classic.

If only we had some sort of way to map flu incidence. Oh! Wait! We do! Here’s the current Google Flu Trends map:


The top half is the national trend. Bottom half is, of course, a state-by-state map. Who gets the flu in Arizona? About the same amount of people as in the rest of the country right now.

Hey, you can’t expect actual baseball analysis every day.



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3 responses to “Bradley’s flu

  1. What’s the relationship between Milton’s OBP and the efficacy of the following winter’s flu vaccine?

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