Back off the ledge

So there’s consternation that because Carlos Marmol blew a save tonight against the Netherlands in the World Baseball Classic. Presumably Cubs fans believe that this will somehow carry over to his performance in the regular season. There’s no real reason to think that. Here’s some 2006 world baseball stats, with the player’s 2006 regular-season stat in parenthesis:

  • Dontrelle Willis: 12.71 ERA (3.87)
  • Ken Griffey Jr.: .524/.583/1.048 (.252/.316/.486)
  • Mark Texeira (15 PA, because you’re going to ask): .000/.000/.000 (.282/.371/.514)
  • Carlos Zambrano: 5.40 ERA (3.41)
  • Victor Zambrano 3.38 ERA (6.75)
  • Jeff Francis 40.50 ERA (4.16)

These stats are cherry picked, of course. But the point is simple – you can’t extrapolate much, if anything, from 1.2 innings in early March against a bunch of teams of bizarre composition. So the guy who created this thread at Bleed Cubbie Blue needs to calm way down. It’s not the “yips,” it’s one game on March 10 and you can’t decide if he’s “clutch” or not, if there is such a thing, from it.


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